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Package for Printer

How to Upload Files

Setting up a new InDesign Document

"Package for Printer" with InDesign

To provide your native InDesign files to Ram Offset, we will need all of the elements you used to create the file.


Alternately, you can provide us with a high quality pdf that has crop marks and bleeds.


  1. Save and Leave open your Adobe InDesign file.
  2. Resolve any errors concerning missing links or fonts.
  3. Go to File: Package.
  4. Click the Package button at the bottom of the Summary window.
  5. Click continue on the “Printing Instructions” window after entering all contact information and special instructions you would like Ram Offset to know.
  6. Navigate to where you will create the package folder (desktop is be fine) and enter the name of the folder, or leave the default file name InDesign assigns.
  7. Make sure that the “Copy Fonts,” “Copy Linked Graphics,” “Update Graphic  Links in Package,” and “Include Fonts and Links from Hidden….” are all checked. Other boxes should be unchecked.
  8. Click the package button.
  9. Navigate to the folder that InDesign created and verify that it contains copies of all required files. (InDesign, fonts, links, text file.)
  10. Right-click the folder and choose “Compress” (Mac) or “Send to ZIP” (Windows, might be something different but similar depending on what software you have installed). This will zip it up.
  11. If the file size is less than 10MB, you can e-mail it to your salesperson or customer service representative. If it's larger than 10MB, you will need to send your files by clicking here.

How to Upload Files

You CANNOT upload a folder. You MUST upload a file.


Compress/Zip your packaged elements and then upload the "" file via our upload page.


  1. Click here to open our upload page.
  2. Drag file to indicated window, or click to navigate.
    1. REMEMBER - this must be a file, not a folder.
    2. A file will always have an extension after the name, such as Document.indd;  Database.csv;
  3. Type in your name
  4. Type in your email
  5. Type in your subject which can be as simple as your publication name
  6. Add any additional information you would like us to know in the Message box. Items we suggest are:
    1. Estimate number
    2. Contact person if different from person who uploaded file
    3. Requested pick up date
    4. Any additional comments or concerns you may have.

Setting up a new InDesign Document

The binding style determines the way a document is created.


Saddle Stitch


  1. Document pages are final size
  2. Facing pages
  3. Bleed on face, head and foot, no less than .125"


Perfect Bind, Coil or Wire-O


  1. Document pages are final size
  2. Independent pages
  3. Bleed on all four sides, no less than .125"