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From Lynn at GCRG


Hi Peter,
I received your lovely wreath today!  Thank you for spreading the holiday spirit!!  Wow, what a wonderful surprise.
I so appreciate what you and all your employees do for GCRG, and I really appreciate working seamlessly with all of you.  As you know, the BQR is our keynote publication and one of the most important ways we connect everyone to the canyon and river spirit. The exceptional print quality and special look really make it unique and memorable for our members.  Thanks for being a partner in protecting Grand Canyon and the Colorado River!
I wish you all the best in 2017.  You guys rock!



From Amy Schlotterback at KS Wildlands


We are so thrilled to be working with you all and could not have picked a better printer to go with for our newsletters.
We appreciate your availability to answer questions.  Wonderful to know we can reach out to you and get the help we need.



A Dogs for the Deaf volunteer proudly stands in front of a banner made by Ram Offset.

From Dogs for the Deaf


Thanks Ram!!!



From Christopher W.


Hello Ram!
I wanted to tell you a huge thank you for having the patience of working with us.
The signs produced by you guys look amazing. Everyone from staff to visitors loves them.
Again, thanks so much for working with us.
I'm looking forward to having more items produced with you all.
Make sure that everyone involved [knows that they are] doing a fantastic job!



Outdoor display of a large format board at Oregon Caves National Monument Large format board displayed outdoors at Oregon Caves National Monument Large format board displayed at Oregon Caves National Monument Large format board displayed at Oregon Caves National Monument

From Dale H.


Hi Ram!

In regards to the request to display the “Glow-in-the-Dark” Football Poster on Ram Offset’s website, I have talked with the University of Oregon Athletic Department’s Marketing Staff.

I was told that Ram Offset should proudly display their outstanding work.

I cannot remind you again how this poster could not have happened without your skillful knowledge and professional interest. I appreciate all the time you put into researching the “Glow-in-the Dark” process.

Thank you for being such an outstanding vendor for the University of Oregon and making our Athletic Department’s Football Team look leaps and bounds above all the rest.

You have set the bar very high for our competition.



Oregon Duck Glow in the Dark poster that was printed at Ram Offset with actual glow in the dark ink!

From D.E.



We received the October Recap today -- it looks fantastic. The insert was exactly what we wanted/needed. Thank you and your team for a job well done. We appreciate the work you've done for us and the speedy turnaround time. Thanks much!

From A.G.



I got the labels and was beyond happy with them. Great Quality-both look and feel!

I'm so glad you are still with this company. I've recommended RAM Offset to other colleagues as well. Looking forward to doing a lot more business with you guys!

PS: I love that you guys answer the calls and return messages, yet still have the capacity to do large jobs. It makes small businesses like me still feel important.

Thanks again!


From D.H.


Good morning everyone.

I just received the AHA Catalogs.

  1. What an incredible turn-around. A day early
  2. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE JOB! Looks fantastic

Now you know why I love using Ram.

Thank you,